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🌟 Welcome to "All Things New" 🌟

I'm not just a creator; I'm a dreamer with big plans. From writing theater plays and television scripts to crafting music albums, I'm on a mission to make a positive impact. Your support goes beyond me; it empowers my charity, Genesis Community of the Arts, and fuels the creative fire.


There are 3 Tiers of support you can choose from. Here I call them "channels". Each one comes with a unique set of perks, choose what is right for you and thank you for considering supporting me!


🎤 Channel 1 - Behind the Trees: This is the heart of it all, where the music comes to life. Join me behind the scenes of my musical adventures—travel inspirations, writing processes, and key decisions. Plus, enjoy exclusive perks like first dibs on tickets and merch, and see your name grace the credits of my videos and albums.


☕ Channel 2 - Dreamcafe: Coffee & croissants on me while we talk dreams when I am in your city - I will make time to meet you. Also a free ticket +1 to any event I host in your neck of the woods or if you happen to be where I am!


🌈 Channel 3 - Timbr: My new clothing brand that uses profit to support arts education. When you support me on this channel, you're not just part of the journey; you're shaping it. Get surprise Timbr merchandise and have a say in new products, colors, and materials. Your influence matters!


✨ Three Ways to Support: Pick the one that resonates with you, each offering unique perks that'll bring a smile to your face. Thank you for stopping by and helping me make "All Things New." Your support means the world to me.


Let's create, inspire, and make "All Things New" together!


With gratitude,

Duane Forrest 🌟

Click this link for more info and to sign up

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